Bed Canopies

The EMF bed canopies with 5g protection will be listed below as soon as they are released. The problem with the prior bed canopies from the emf analysis, is the lack of accountability of dirty electricity and electric fields from the home.

When testing an ungrounded canopy, especially if the customer is using a conductive emf reduction material, no one is accounting for the body voltage changes.

Metal coil spring mattresses can also leech electric fields from your wall circuits all by themselves, which pass right through a non metallic canopy without grounding and accountability for this type of environment.

  • Note – one of the most important aspects of you and your family getting good results from your bed canopy application, is understanding your environment, how the canopy interacts with ELF presence (or lack thereof), to ground or not ground, etc… and we will help you with that so you can know 100% what’s right for you BEFORE YOU BUY anything.

When you consider that 5g will be a little stronger output (with lower penetration), things like the under bed mat to “close the faraday” cage are less important unless second floor living with first floor emissions is an issue in the environment.

That said, from this research, the emf bed canopies listed for sale here, will all address the body voltage issue lacking in many other EMF sleeping environment solutions.

If you’re not planning on having an electrician install the breaker box switch, then the electric fields and body voltage spikes that are increased by having a bed tent must be addressed.

Folks are blindly feeling safe and secure because their RF meter shows a reduction in WIFI and cell phone radiation levels inside the bed canopy, but the folks that are selling these products are failing to educate customers on the situational differences depending on your specific home.